Campos Music  is dedicated to providing quality music education at competitive, affordable rates. We believe that music is an integral part of life and should be enjoyed by all. Therefore, it is our greatest goal to see each of our students enjoy their lessons, while taking home with them the knowledge to make, experience and appreciate music in ways which will last a lifetime. 


Lessons are currently offered for piano, keyboard, guitar, ukulele, electric bass, voice, accordion, violin, and theory. Lessons on additional instruments may also be available upon request.

Various styles are taught including classical, pop and jazz, as well as specific requested selections such as ethnic or religious music.

Private and group instruction offered to students of all ages, from  beginner to advanced levels. Bi-weekly, one hour lessons are available upon request.

Students and parents have the option for exam oriented lessons, including Royal Conservatory. We are also pleased to offer  periodic recital and recording activities

Rates and info


 Monthly Plan (prepaid on the 1st lesson of each month):

½ hour lesson - $23

45 min. lesson - $32

1 hr. lesson - $42

3 Month Plan  (prepaid on the 1st lesson of a 3 month term):

½ hour lesson - $22

 45 min. lesson - $31

 1 hr. lesson - $40


 2 Students Per Class (cost per student):
½ hour lesson - $16

45 min. lesson - $21

1 hour lesson - $26

3 Students Per Class (cost per student):

45 min. lesson - $16

 1 hr. lesson - $21

 *All rates are based on weekly  lessons. 



If a student misses a lesson for any reason, his/her teacher will make an effort to provide a make-up lesson if there is a minimum 24 hour cancellation notice. However, if this cannot be arranged, the lesson will be charged for according to the current rates. In the event that a teacher cancels a lesson, that lesson will be credited.


All lessons that are not prepaid will be subject to a 10% penalty. Parents/students with  3 lessons in arrears will be asked for payment of the outstanding balance before continuing lessons. For student withdrawals, please provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice.